Live in a Beautiful State!

My challenge today: “No matter what happens in my life, I am going to live in a beautiful state!”

This jewel of wisdom…this key to happiness and wellbeing…was discovered in a video sent to me by my boyfriend, Dean (aka: Dino). It’s 15 minutes long, but so worth the watch:

Why watch it?

  • Because it just might make you think about how you think about life!
  • I promise you will get more out of this 15 minute video than you will out of 15 minutes of scrolling through Facebook (admit it…you know you’re going to spend more than 15 minutes today scrolling).

In the video, he says that each of us focuses on trying to accomplish 1 or 2 of the following:

Which of the areas do you think you are most motivated to achieve?

I know one of mine is love…the second is a toss up between growth or uncertainty/variety. I’m pretty sure it’s growth, but I want to think about this for a bit.

Dino identified his areas as love and contribution. These words describe him to a tee.

“If you want to an extraordinary life you can’t just achieve…you gotta be fulfilled.”

Watch the video. Choose to live in a beautiful state!


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