What’s in a name?

This website is still a work in progress. Actually, I hope it’s ALWAYS a work in progress…morphing, changing, becoming as I do. It is kind of a playground for me to explore, learn, and grow. And I hope that I am always a work in progress.

Today I gave a lot of thought to the title. When I created the site, I quickly named it: Things That Make Me Happy.

I originally created the site as a way to learn more about WordPress, so I signed up for some free classes and started building. The wonderful people of WordPress who are helping me learn to use their tools (sort of building an airplane while it’s in flight), sent me this prompt today:

For a fun, personal title, start by listing some adjectives that describe you, or play with quotes or book titles you love.

So…what adjectives do I think describe me? Here are some I came up with:

  • Happy
  • Determined
  • Adventurous
  • Risk-taking
  • In love (loved)

I decided that somehow happiness needed to be a part of the title. I played around with that, but nothing was shouting, “Yes!” to me.

Then I looked at the second part of the prompt about quotes, book titles, etc. This is when something quite literally shouted “Yes!” to me.

One of my favorite books is “Begin with Yes” by Paul Boynton. To me, this book is at the cross-section of manifestation and action. I believe in the power of both of these things…especially when used together!

Begin with Yes is a quick and easy read. Give it a shot. I am in the process of working through the 21 Day Companion Workbook with some of my girlfriends right now.

I kept listing titles of things I love, and the very next one I listed was “Yes Man” (I’m not saying I’m brilliant, but I started noticing a pattern here…).

This is probably my very favorite movie. In fact, it’s also kind of my life philosophy. I still say “no” too often. I know that it’s cool to talk about knowing your boundaries and being able to say “no” to people…yada, yada, yada.


Saying Yes to new experiences opens doors and leads to growth. Saying Yes to helping people is one of the most effective ways to increase your happiness. Saying Yes to invitations lets your friends know that you value them and want to spend time with them.


I believe in saying “Yes” more often that not. I want to say “Yes” more than I do! Why? Because the tag line of the movie is true: “One word can change everything.”

Playing around with these two ideas: Happiness and Yes, resulted in this list of potential titles:

  • Yes to Happiness
  • Cheers to Yes
  • Yes Girl
  • The Not-So-Subtle Art of Saying FCK YES!
  • F#ck Yes!
  • Yes, Bitches!
  • Yes, Yes, Yes!

You can see why some of these were quickly tossed in the proverbial trash can. But they were part of the process and eventually, I landed on “The Joy of YES!” This is also kind of a play on the title of another famous book I’ve read, written by Alex Comfort – which is all about another of my favorite things.

And so…I introduce to you my new website: The Joy of YES!



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