Thanks for checking out my site. I’m Tracy.

Tracy’s motto is “Someday is the most dangerous word.” A few sailing trips in the British Virgin Islands, and a vacation in Puerto Rico was all she needed to know that the Caribbean was the place for her. After creating a list of “island-non-negotiables” (sea turtle population, airport on island, ability to own property and start a business, etc), as well as a list of preferences, she chose her new island home through research, without having visited.

It was trial by fire – or actually by wind – when Tracy moved to St Croix in July, 2017. After only two months on island, she was welcomed to her rock by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and spent the next three months without power. But she never doubted her decision. Living on her rock, diving, hanging out with turtles and tortoises, and adventuring with her boyfriend, Dean, are among her favorite things in life

Tracy’s passion is to live a happy life, and to help others do the same. You can read about the life lessons she has learned from her creep of 14 tortoises on her blog, Tales from Torti Town: Life Lessons Learned from Tortoises.  You can also listen to Tracy and five of her closest friends on the podcast Siren Soapbox – a group of women dedicated to proving that you can be great friends even if you disagree.

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