Tortoise Spotlight Three: Introducing Marina Tortoise

 In the third Tortoise Spotlight, I’d like to introduce Marina Tortoise!

Here’s a background story…when Dean and I first started dating, we realized that there were many parallels in our lives. Our childhoods were somewhat similar…we had similar interests and goals, and we both love adventure and experiencing new things. There were also more specific, weird similarities…like, when we were much younger, we had each chosen the same favorite name for a daughter. That name is Marina.

And this tortoise came to us seemingly destined for that name! Notice the large ‘M’ on her head?

Marina is one of the largest in my creep, with a nice, smooth shell. She is a little timid when you approach her (she pulls her head into her shell if you try to give her head-scratches…some tortoises love this). I think this means I just need to give her more attention.

The yellow around her nose stops right at her nostrils, and under her chin she has two yellow-orange swooshes on each side, with no other marks. She also has a little white spot above her left eye.

Marina is usually found hanging out in Torti Tavern, although she occasionally hides out among the oyster plants.
Marina is the Tort on the right (if you look closely, you can see lots of torts in this hide).

Marina loves to hide among the oyster plants (the large tortoise on the far left is a ceramic decoration).

Marina joined my creep on July 30, 2020. Her previous owner moved to the states, leaving 9 tortoises with a friend of mine. I ended up with the 5 females of that group.
Marina is the tort in the bottom left of this pic. I originally picked up 4 of the 9 tortoises from my friend. Marley is in the top right. I mentioned him in Cupid’s spotlight…I ended up trading him for 2 females.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Marina a little bit better…can you pick her out of the picture below?

In our next Tortoise Spotlight, I’ll introduce you to another tortoise in this pic – Lucky Tortoise! 
Stay tuned for more Tales from Torti Town!


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