I’m Lucky! And sometimes I have to remind myself…

Have you ever had those weeks where you seem to concentrate on the tough things that life is throwing your way?

I just had one of those weeks, and it leaves me wondering if this is part of human nature…do we all feel this way sometimes? I read a book that pointed out that our early, early ancestors likely survived because they were very good at being aware of the dangers around them. And so maybe this trait – the habit of being aware of the bad things around us to the extent that we forget to see the good – is something that has become so ingrained in us over time that it is now part of our DNA.

It may be. However, I will continue to remind myself how lucky I am. I will continue to try my best to stay vulnerable. I will continue to trust.

I will.

I could write several paragraphs about the people and the events that added to the toughness of my week.

But I won’t.

I’m going to instead tell you about how lucky I am. I am going to tell you about the magic of my day. I’m going to write about love and beauty.

This morning I woke up to the call of a colleague. I went into work, met two others, and we chatted and swatted mosquitos together and laughed and completed what needed to be done. We worked together.

When I got home, I fed my creep of 14 tortoises. watching them eat is a Zen moment and always reminds me how lucky I am to live somewhere where keeping them is so easy.

A little physical work is always good for the soul, so I decided to plant some seeds. Not just any seeds…these seeds were given to me by the parents of a student from my school. They were each carefully labeled with the name of the plant, and include handwritten directions on how to plant and water them. As I planted them, I pictured this family putting these baggies of seeds together for me, and it warmed my heart.

While I was cleaning up, I received a text from the owner of a local beach bar. She had vegetable scraps for my tortoises. The restaurant saves their scraps for me, and this saves me quite a bit of money, and keeps the scraps out of the landfill! As I drove along the sea on my way there, with the top off the Jeep, I reveled in the beauty of the sea’s blues, while I listened to Bob Marley reminding me that “every little thing is gonna be all right.”

When I arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted by a friend from the dive shop next door. I walked into the restaurant, and immediately heard, “I’m glad to see you!” (honestly, he was glad to see me because that meant the bags of lettuce would disappear…but it was still nice to hear.)

As I was pulling away, I noticed the familiar mango-colored Jeep of my friends, so I pulled over to find them and say hi. They were sitting on the beach having a few drinks and playing the guitar. I decided to hang out a bit with them and chat…soon we noticed sea turtles coming up for air just down the beach from us. We walked down and stood with our feet in the sea and watched the turtles swim.

A small green sea turtle comes up for air. I have loved sea turtles all my life, and I spent most of my life in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sea turtles brought me to this island, and it is magical every time I see them (which is almost every weekend).

After a short soak in the mini-pool (and 3 wins at dominoes against Dino), we had an impromptu game and grill night with friends. We played cornhole on our new set of boards, and ring toss. We chatted and laughed and had a great time.

I had already started writing this entry about remembering how lucky I am, and it seemed that the Universe was determined to help me remember. My friend Amy pulled this sign out of her bag that she picked up for me at a turtle conservation store during her most recent trip to Florida. She explained that everything about it reminded her of me: the saying, the font, the sunshine, the colors. I love it!

I might go through some tough times. But really, who doesn’t? I have complete faith that no matter what happens, it will be for the best

What is important is a focus on the magical moments…the love of good friends…fun…happiness. And remembering just how lucky I am!


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